Just For Tummies Live Bacteria – as featured in Vogue!



It’s not every day that you get a mention in Vogue magazine – the holy grail of the fashion world!

I am incredibly proud to share the news that our Just For Tummies Live Bacteria feature in the ‘Good Bacteria Directory’ in the April issue of what is undeniably the most influential style magazine of our time.


Our award winning Live ‘friendly’ Bacteria

Our award winning Live ‘friendly’ Bacteria

The ‘Good Bacteria Directory’ is part of the impressive 6-page article, ‘It’s a Bug’s Life’, which talks about many of the subjects that we love to bang our drum about here at Just For Tummies so it’s extremely gratifying to see such an iconic magazine run an article that reinforces many of the same messages.

The article makes for an interesting read, delving into the importance of good gut bacteria and some of the key developments in scientific understanding of the gut microbiome.  There’s column space dedicated to how faecal transplants might be able to help fight off c.difficile infections, as well as how babies born by C-section can be given exposure to the critically important bacteria that are located in the birth canal.  Also on Vogue’s agenda are the issues of increased antibiotic resistance due to overmedication and the ‘hygiene hypothesis’, and the negative impact our modern lifestyle – more stress, more processed foods, a reduction in the exposure to natural environments – has on our gut, and ultimately, our overall health and wellbeing.


While Vogue has long been considered a must-read for anyone interested in fashion, style and contemporary culture, the scope of material in the magazine goes beyond the latest looks from the catwalk – interviews with influential people, food and drink reviews, and travel write-ups feature alongside pieces that outline upcoming trends and the ‘ones to watch’ in the world of health and beauty.

While it’s undoubtedly a very chic feather in our cap, a mention for our Live Bacteria probiotics means a lot more to me than just kudos. When I think back to a decade or so ago, it would have been most unlikely to see any mention of probiotics and the gut microbiome in a magazine or newspaper.  For any information, you would turn to a professional journal from one of the many ‘microbiome conferences’ that are held worldwide – and that would be your lot.  Ten years later, things have changed rather dramatically.  Now barely a day goes by without a newspaper, magazine or other publication running an article that lauds the benefits of taking probiotics.  The immense volume of research, including over 11,000 publications identified by PubMed this last decade alone on the gut and its microbiome, is ever expanding with evidence suggesting that the bugs in our tummies make a huge contribution to almost every aspect of our health and wellbeing.  It’s only recently we’ve started to realise the huge impact these microscopic residents in our gut can have on our physiology.

The bacteria in our gut play an important role in our digestion – the extent to which the population of microbes in the intestine influences our overall health and wellbeing is important and powerful knowledge – and everyone needs to know this.  The Vogue feature is an important step towards raising increased awareness of how we need to give greater priority to our gut health – the very core of the Just For Tummies ethos.

To see our Live Bacteria featured in Vogue highlights the momentum that is gathering around the important role the gut microbiome plays.  We’ve come a long way in a short space of time – these are exciting times.

I couldn’t be happier.

For more information about our Live Bacteria – https://justfortummies.co.uk/product/live-bacteria/

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