Interested in training in Colon Hydrotherapy?  Watch our informative Facebook Live

Colon Hydrotherapy Event

When you bring two people for a Facebook Live event with a combined 65 years of experience as natural health practitioners, 51 of those as colon hydrotherapists, as is the case with the wonderful Roger Groos, my own trainer and mentor in this discipline, and me … then it may come as no surprise that we ended up talking the hind leg off a donkey about a range of topics in this Live.  If you were unable to join, you can watch the video here.

Topics Discussed

We covered a whole host of topics, including the history of colon hydrotherapy, the history of The National College of Colon Hydrotherapy, the history of The Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists, accreditation of training schools, pre-requisites set by the training schools, national occupational standards (set by the government), why the regulation of colon hydrotherapists is important, protecting the client and the therapist, continuing professional development, first aid, clinic inspections and public liability insurance.  And the list doesn’t end there! 

If you are interested in training in colon hydrotherapy, or would like to know how we colon hydrotherapists become qualified, then grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy our comprehensive discussion here

Questions Raised

We welcomed people from all around the globe – from Australia, America and even the Island of Curacao.

Some of the questions we answered included:

  • What is meant by the term ‘naturopathic colon hydrotherapist’?
  • How can the general public feel safe with a colon hydrotherapist?  How is the profession regulated? 
  • I’m a counsellor. Could I train to become a colon hydrotherapist?
  • Can colon hydrotherapy help my neurogenic bowel symptoms? 
  • Can I have colon hydrotherapy if I have diverticular disease? 

It’s a highly informative video for anyone who is interested in colon hydrotherapy or wants to learn more about it, so I encourage anyone and everyone to dip in and take a look!

You can find out more about some of the topics Roger and I talked about by checking out these websites:

Naturopathic colon hydrotherapy training schools:  

Regulatory bodies:

Register of naturopathic colon hydrotherapists: 

If you have any questions about colon hydrotherapy, or any of the other topics raised in the video, please get in touch.