IBS for over 30 years – symptoms now improving!

Perfect Balance Kit

I would like to share this video of me reading out a lovely, uplifting testimonial that I received from Zena, who was almost at her wits’ end when she contacted me, having struggled with IBS symptoms for over 30 years.

I often receive messages from people like Zena, who have suffered with IBS and other common digestive and gut symptoms for many years, and after I put together a simple, safe supplement protocol for them, within weeks, sometimes days, they are beginning to feel better. Don’t assume that because you’ve had symptoms for many years and you’ve been told ‘There’s nothing else can be done’ or ‘You’ve just got to live with it!’, that this is the case. It simply is not! There is so much we can do to help you reduce your symptoms and to, once again, enjoy doing the things you love, without the worry of your symptoms playing up.

Watch the video to hear me talk about the supplement protocol I recommended to Zena, and many other people like Zena with chronic IBS or other common digestive disorders.

Here’s Zena’s wonderful review for you to read in full:

“A long-term sufferer of IBS (over 30 years), I came across Just for Tummies following a recommendation from a HRT group I belong to. I was feeling particularly desperate and very low due to a prolonged flare-up of symptoms. I posted a plea for help on the Just For Tummies Facebook page. Linda responded and invited me to email her directly with more information about my symptoms. This personal service greatly impressed me and I gave Linda a potted history of my long-standing and debilitating symptoms and experience of IBS.

She came back to me with a detailed reply and recommended that I begin with her 5-day Charcoal cleanse, progressing to the Perfect Balance Kit. Having tried many conventional drugs and countless supplements over the years with no success or little relief from symptoms, I was initially very cautious and didn’t hold out much hope. I was, therefore, surprised that on day 4 or 5 of the cleanse, I felt ever so slightly better. I was encouraged then to move on to the Perfect Balance Kit. In all honesty, it has been a slow but gradual process for me, but by week 3-4 of taking the supplements in the Kit, I definitely noticed a change in symptoms and moderate improvement. Linda had suggested I get back to her with an update after a month; we agreed that I should stay on the Perfect Balance Kit for another month. Now on week 7, I cannot put into words the difference in my overall quality of life, and physical and mental wellbeing. So many of my long-term symptoms are improving. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with burning intestinal pain and discomfort. I would usually start my day in the very early hours of the morning, rushing urgently to the loo and having violent, painful bowel movements that would often last up to 4-6 hours, rendering me housebound at times and exhausted. I have far less heartburn and indigestion now, and the dreadful bloating is slowly abating. I am now going to the toilet in a far more ‘normal’, painless and regular way. It really is life-changing. I am sleeping better (having been a long-term insomniac) and can now consider social invitations and family events without that impending feeling of doom and anxiety, wondering ‘Will there be a loo nearby? / What if I can’t eat or drink properly if it’s a bad IBS day?’

Following further advice from Linda, I will now move on to a maintenance protocol, in the safe knowledge that should I have a flare up or experience a return of symptoms, I can simply go back to the Perfect Balance Kit. It’s like having a safety net; I simply couldn’t bear to go back to how I was! I’m realistic enough to understand that a 30-year-long condition is not going to be resolved overnight, but I’m feeling very hopeful and am greatly encouraged by the results so far. My symptoms appear to be responding positively to the supplements and I feel as though I am healing in a sustained way. I cannot recommend Linda and these supplements enough. Her personal service, coupled with her factual, knowledgeable advice and guidance, is simply remarkable. This really sets Just For Tummies apart from many other companies offering similar products. If you are struggling, or are at the end of your tether as I was, then take a leap of faith and just give these supplements a try!”

The protocol that I often recommend for people with chronic digestive disorders, including IBS, diverticular disease, painful bloating, and acid reflux is to first carry out a 5-day Charcoal cleanse to help reduce uncomfortable bloating, absorb trapped, painful gas, and trap any toxins that are lurking in the gut. You can read more about the uses and benefits of our highly versatile activated Charcoal capsules in this free downloadable fact sheet. You will also find full details of how to carry out the cleanse.

After completing the cleanse, I then recommend moving on to the supplements in the Perfect Balance Kit
– a solution-based Kit of four targeted supplements for complete digestive support. Do take time to read some of the reviews from customers who have benefitted from using the Kit.

If you have any questions about a digestive and gut health issue or would like to know more about a tailored supplementation protocol, please get in touch.