How To Winterise Your Immune System

How to winterise your immune system.

The leaves are changing colour and the nights are drawing in.  Autumn is well and truly here – making it the perfect time to host a Facebook Live event on ‘How to winterise your immune system.’

On Tuesday 5th October, I was joined by nutritional therapist, Sophia Hill and we shared with attendees the supplements and herbs that we take to help support our immune system, especially through the colder winter months. I also demonstrated how to use a mesh nebuliser and hydrogen peroxide – a simple, inexpensive treatment that can help treat and prevent viral infections.  If you were unable to join us live, you can watch the video and find out more here:

How to boost your immune system this winter

We spent time talking about the importance of gut health when it comes to immunity. Around 80% of the immune system is located in the gut so to have a healthy immune system and reduce the risk of viruses and infections, people need to look to improve their gut health. A dysfunctional gut can weaken the immune system.  We discussed how supplements such as Live Bacteria capsules, Garlic tablets and Omega 3 capsules can help support both gut health and immune health.

Vitamin D is also crucial during the winter and levels can easily plummet when there’s little or no sun to top them up; we talked about how to get your vitamin D levels properly checked, either via a GP, for free, or privately (via a finger prick test) that costs around £25.  We also looked at how diet, sleep, exercise, stress management, and other lifestyle factors play a key role in keeping the immune system strong.  

Some of the questions we answered included:

  • Why do I always get a nasty cold near Christmas that spoils my enjoyment of Christmas food and drink?  
  • I’ve had shingles eight times in eight years – why and what can I do about this? 
  • How can I improve my children’s immune health throughout the winter through diet?
  • There are so many supplements on the market – where do you go to get proper professional help in getting the right supplements?

(The answer to this last question is easy – Just For Tummies, of course. 😊)

I hope that you find the information that we share in the video helpful.  Now that we are mingling more in public, with so many Covid variants continuing to mutate daily, we need to be careful as we enter the cold and ‘flu season.  Please do not forget to wear masks where necessary in crowded spaces and keep washing your hands.  Nobody wants a re-run of last Christmas.