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Product testimonials from our happy customers!

Katie Bloating, Constipation & Energy

Thank you Linda for introducing my husband and I to your live bacteria. It has made such a difference to us both. We are a lot less bloated, better bowel movements and so much more energy. Katie Lines


I have suffered with IBS since I was very young. It has been a constant battle to try and find the best way to cope with the continuous constipation and bloating. Since I started using Just For tummies Live Bacteria, I have a settled tummy and renewed energy.


Daily use of Just For Tummies Fibre tablets has made it possible for me to have regular, daily bowel movements. After 50 years of living with constipation, this is life-changing!


I take Linda’s Live Bacteria daily and drink her beautiful tea. Tummy Tea not only looks like a quality product but tastes better than any big-labelled brands that I’ve tried.  Better still you can get several cups from one bag!

Jane Bush MACH RTColon Hydrotherapist

I stock the Just For Tummies range of supplements, and because they are natural, my patients love them. They don’t want to fill their bodies with chemicals – they want something effective and fast-acting, but also natural and safe. I’m getting great results from these products and I highly recommend them.

RichardIndigestion and Bloating

I take a Just For Tummies Digestive Enzyme tablet before my dinner in the evening. I go to the gym after work and get in quite late. The Digestive Enzyme helps prevent any uncomfortable bloating and indigestion after eating.

AnnAcid Reflux

I am taking strong painkillers for back pain, and as a result I was getting painful burning acid reflux. Within 20 minutes of taking two Just For Tummies Live Bacteria capsules, the pain and burning had disappeared.

JulieBloating and Abdominal Pain

Just For Tummies Live Bacteria and Digestive Enzymes have changed my life. I feel 100% better than I have done in a long time. My stomach is flat, no bloating or pain. Don’t ever stop selling them!

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