Happiness Unleashed – Watch the video!


‘Happiness’ is a word loaded with expectations, hope, yearning, and confusion. It can feel elusive, but this usually has more to do with how you relate to the concept than with how you really feel. In my most recent live event, I delved into the subject of happiness with Rapid Transformational Therapist, Rosalyn Palmer. If you didn’t get the chance to join our chat, you can watch the video here.

We discussed the fact that it’s simply not possible to be happy all the time, and the more you try to be happier, the less happy you will be. But you can be fulfilled all the time if you know yourself, know your values, if you have goals in life, feel gratitude and passion, have a tribe you can connect with as well as meaning and purpose in life, and practise mindfulness.

We looked at how overthinking, while keeping us alive and alert, can be damaging and affect our ability to lead a happy and fulfilled life. We even looked back at life before the internet and mobile phones – party phone lines, where you could hear your neighbour talking and you put the receiver down quickly – and how we are now in a constantly stimulated state of mind, scrambling our brains.

Ros shared lots of valuable insights and tips, including how we don’t need to shift from negative to positive straight away, but shift from negative to neutral first. She talked about the impact of low-vibe actions like fear and jealousy and high-vibe actions like playing music, hugging and kissing, and helping others. She also explained how useful mantras and affirmations can be.

Ros is smart, her life’s path has not been without some bumps – she’s had cancer, she’s been bulimic and had a lot of other health issues; when she was younger, she wondered why, as an intelligent and well-connected woman, she couldn’t sort out these issues. She’s been on a journey with both her mental and physical health and (being one of my own ‘wise women’ tribe), now loves helping other people. You can read more about Ros and her award-winning coaching here.

One of Ros’s offerings is a mini course which delves deeper into many of the topics we covered in our chat on ‘Happiness Unleashed – Unveiling The Power Of Positive Living’. Follow this link to find out more.


She has also kindly made a recording, exclusive to Just For Tummies customers like you, which includes more information about her ‘Happy Life 5-point checklist’ that she discusses in our video chat. There’s so much to say about each of the five points; Ros wanted to ensure you are treated to the full experience, so please download the recording to learn even more!

We hope you find all these resources useful so that you too can unleash the happiness within yourself.