Gut, urinary, and skin health all improved!

Testimonial Exfoliate

Please take time to watch my Testimonial Tuesday video – this one features a review from Rosie, who suffered with diverticulitis attacks and UTIs until she began taking our supplements.

Rosie also had a skin condition that a private dermatologist told her was age-related, but after taking my simple advice on skin exfoliating, the lumps and bumps on her skin cleared up in 10 days!

As I mention in the video, for diverticulitis attacks, I always recommend our Live Bacteria probiotic capsules. In Rosie’s case, she took an initial dose of one capsule before breakfast and one before bed (with cold water, no hot drinks). This helped to calm the discomfort of the attacks.

Since UTIs were also a problem for Rosie, I recommended our For Women capsules, also a probiotic, but containing a particular bacterial strain (L. reuteri) which is proven to reduce UTIs and thrush. The For Women capsules also contain strains of friendly bacteria to support immune health, digestive and gut health, so it’s a real ‘powerhouse’ supplement! The initial dose was one capsule before breakfast and one before bed.

Rosie also watched my exfoliating advice video where I talk about my own exfoliating routine, using a calypso sponge on my body (not on my face), upward strokes towards the heart and clockwise strokes on the tummy to encourage wastes to move along. Exfoliating removes sebum and dead skin, and stimulates the lymphatic system to remove toxins.

Here’s Rosie’s review:

Just For Tummies testimonial

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