Do you find your energy levels flagging soon after eating a meal?


Do you eat lunch at work, then feel like you need a snooze? This could be because your meal is too high in carbohydrates that cause a spike in blood sugar, then a crash, creating a slump in energy! 

Eating a protein rich meal will give you more energy for several hours. 

Studies show that eating protein is superior to one that’s high in carbohydrates at increasing attention span, memory, and the time it takes to make decisions.

The reason for this is that a protein rich meal helps to better stabilise your blood sugar levels and therefore, provides your body and brains with a steady source of fuel.  

High carbohydrate meals, on the other hand, cause large increases and then rapid decreases in blood glucose and mental energy.

So, instead of having a meal of pasta, rice, or a sandwich on a roll, opt for salad with steak or chicken, an omelette, or a seafood and vegetable stir fry. If you’re pressed for time, a good quality protein shake by Purition will do the trick too, as a meal replacement.

For breakfast, I usually have eggs or fish. These sources of high protein sustain me for many hours, keeping my blood sugar levels stable and providing me with important vitamins, minerals, fats and amino acids. 

Remember too that as you age, it’s  very important to eat sufficient protein and good fats to help maintain muscle mass and cognitive function. 

Over the years I’ve worked in my natural health clinic, I’ve observed the amount of muscle mass lost in some individuals especially those over 50, and the problems associated with this – painful rheumatism, physical and mental frailty, losing one’s independence due to lack of confidence in walking. Don’t be one of them. 

Muscles hold your skeleton together, give you the power to walk and carry out every day tasks. They can’t do this if, due to lack of protein and fat, they’ve become weak and turned fibrous. 

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