The digestive benefits of taking Charcoal supplements

Charcoal supplements have been trending for quite a while, with charcoal powder being put into everything from smoothies to shampoos and facepacks to toothpaste. People are even putting charcoal powder into their coffee!

Did you know though that we’ve been sucking on charcoal for centuries to help alleviate stomach problems, and I’ve been recommending charcoal supplements to my clinic patients for decades. Charcoal is not new. Amongst naturopaths, colon hydrotherapists and nutritional therapists, it’s a well-known, tried, trusted, traditional natural remedy for a wide range of digestive and gut upsets, especially painful trapped wind and bloating.

Here is an abstract about charcoal from PubMed, and its ability to reduce uncomfortable intestinal gases. Albeit, it’s from the 1980’s, but still applies today: 

My Just For a Tummies steam-activated Charcoal capsules are made from coconut shells and nothing else! Coconut shells have been found to have the highest absorption qualities, and that’s just what charcoal does. It can absorb excess gases in the intestines, reducing bloating and discomfort. This natural internal ‘cleansing’ effect can have a positive knock-on effect on the skin. Remember to have a beautiful skin on the outside, you need to have a clean internal ‘skin’. Toxins will always out, and usually through the skin. 

Not only does Just For Tummies Charcoal capsules help to reduce excessive intestinal gases and bloating, it can also be very effective when someone has food poisoning, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps, effectively absorbing the bacteria that’s causing these distressing symptoms.

Everyone should have some Charcoal capsules in their medicine cabinet, and don’t forget to throw one in your suitcase especially if you are travelling to the Far East, Asia, India, Africa, South America and the Caribbean. You don’t want to let a pesky nasty strain of bacteria give you a holiday tummy.



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