Colon Hydrotherapy – so simple yet so powerful

Colon Hydrotherapy – so simple yet so powerful blog image

Colon hydrotherapy. Whenever it gets mentioned, more often than not, it elicits a reaction akin to the way we feel about Marmite – love it or hate it!

What’s more, it’s rare to read anything in the press or a magazine displaying a positive stance on colon hydrotherapy.  Such a shame, when it can make the difference between life and death, or at least the difference between having a colostomy bag or not! 

You may think I’m exaggerating, but I can assure you that I’m not. 

There are many cases where people, who suffer with chronic constipation, have developed a bowel infection, and have had to have sections of their bowel removed, with the resultant ‘bag’ attached, very often for life.  If their constipation could have been resolved earlier, with colon hydrotherapy, the outcome may have been very different.

My introduction to colon hydrotherapy

Linda Booth, founder of Just for Tummies, carrying out a colonic
Here, I am carrying out a colon hydrotherapy treatment

I’ve been a natural health practitioner for almost 28 years, and up until about 16 years ago, the term colon hydrotherapy hadn’t appeared on my radar.  My disciplines back then were physiotherapy and acupuncture.

I was having one or two health issues, nothing serious, and I was recommended to seek the help of a well-known medical herbalist.  When I had my consultation with her, one of the questions she asked was about my bowel movements, and whether I had a bowel movement daily.  I explained to her that I’d always struggled with a ‘lazy’ bowel since being a child, nothing serious, more of an inconvenience at times.  The medical herbalist recommended that I have colon hydrotherapy, which I hadn’t even heard of at that point. However, I took her advice and proceeded to have a course of colon hydrotherapy treatments. 

These treatments were life-changing for me, both in terms of the beneficial effect they had on my bowels (less bloating, less discomfort, more regular bowel movements, more energy, and a clearer mind) and the motivation it gave me to offer this type of treatment in my natural health clinic.  I decided to train in the discipline.

15 years have passed since then, and I have thoroughly enjoyed carrying out colon hydrotherapy treatments on thousands of people who have walked through my clinic doors.  So many of these people have said to me, ‘I’ve tried everything to sort out my constipation, IBS, painful bloating, and nothing has worked.  You are my last hope.’ 

If only they had considered having colon hydrotherapy earlier, I could have saved them years of pain, embarrassment and fear.  

What happens during the treatment?

When it comes to colon hydrotherapy, there is so much misinformation – so many misunderstandings around the equipment used and the application of treatment – and this prevents people from trying it out.  Such a shame, when one or two colon hydrotherapy treatments can literally be life-changing. 

The concept of colon hydrotherapy is so simple: just warm, filtered water introduced into the bowel via a speculum and very gently ‘pushed’ around the bowel using low gravity,. Yet, it is so powerful in the beneficial effects the treatment brings. These include softening hard impacted wastes, allowing them to move along and out the bowel, via the speculum, and allowing trapped, painful gases to move along and out, almost immediately reducing pain and bloating.

The benefits of colon hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy - Victorian woman-min

The concept of cleansing the bowels using water has been around for thousands of years and is still with us today.  This is testament to its popularity and effectiveness in helping to resolve many common bowel problems. I wrote a blog post on the history of colon cleansing, which you can read here – Cleansing the colon – a little history and a lot of benefits

Don’t take my word for how beneficial colon hydrotherapy can be though. Read what Susan, a colonic client of mine had to say about it:

“It is a week now since my first treatment with you, and although I know we will be able to talk about everything at my follow-up appointment in November, I just had to get in touch before then to let you know what a brilliant week it has been, thanks to you!

I can’t actually believe how successful the colon hydrotherapy has been for me in such a short time, and what a difference it has made.  After so many years of constipation and the horrible effects of it, I never imagined I could feel so healthy – I have had a bowel movement every day except Sunday (no gripes at all!) which in itself is an absolute revelation to me as I seriously can’t remember the last time that happened without the use of a laxative!  Something that most people take for granted, I know, but until last week, I had almost given up on it completely.  I am keeping a diary of everything, which probably sounds a bit sad but it is helping me to see if there are foods that affect me adversely, and it will also help me to give you feedback next time I see you.  I am finding your advice sheet very easy to follow and the results have had such a positive effect on me that any changes I have made have been no hardship at all.  I am really enjoying the linseeds and they are so easy to take in fruit juice or on cereal, yogurt or soups – thank you for recommending them to me.

Something else I am pleased about is that the skin around my eyes is no longer dark – my eyelids, particularly, have returned to normal which makes me look much less tired, and several people who don’t even know I’ve had the treatment have commented on this and have said how well I look.  I can see now that I was actually feeling much more unwell than I realised – after so long, I guess I just got used to that feeling, but now I just have so much more energy.

I really can’t thank you enough, Linda. In the space of a week, you have completely changed the quality of my life, and I am just so happy that I have found you and your wonderful treatment.  Your clinic is such a lovely calming environment and you are so kind and professional. I am really looking forward to my next visit.”

In my next blog post, I will be debunking some of the myths surrounding colon hydrotherapy. So, if I haven’t already convinced you of its many benefits, or you still have some reservations about this wonderful therapy, by the time you have read my next post, I hope you will be fully on board with me!