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Beat the festive bloat – how to eat, drink, and still be merry

Whether it’s an office Christmas party, family gathering or get-together with friends, the festive season is a time we come together to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company – but it can put a tremendous strain on the digestive system, especially so if you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, chronic bloating, or suffer with constipation or acid reflux.

More alcohol, richer foods, and heightened stress levels are all likely to play a part in causing stomach upsets, not to mention headaches, skin problems, weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, and a UTI flare-up. It’s enough to make you want to cancel Christmas and spend it in bed! Yet it is difficult to avoid the alcohol and rich food – we are often expected to indulge at this time of year or end up feeling socially excluded if we do refrain.

Fortunately, you can get through this time relatively symptom-free if you have a plan of action and choose foods that are a little kinder to your tummy. All of this information and more, including how to get into that LBD without a swollen belly, survive the office Christmas party and other social events, and still enjoy your Christmas dinner, can be found in my Christmas Survival Guide.

My name is Linda, and I have been a natural health therapist since 1991. I run a busy natural health clinic in Nottingham, and I’m the founder of Just For Tummies, the UK’s only supplement range dedicated to helping people who have digestive, gut and bladder problems.

Download my free Christmas Survival Guide and learn more about the foods that can contribute to digestive problems as well as tips for keeping your tummy comfortable over Christmas, and still enjoy all the festive treats you love. The guide also includes two tummy-friendly festive recipes for delicious gluten-free mince pies and a gluten-free low FODMAP stuffing – Christmas isn’t Christmas without them, in my view!

With a few simple tweaks and some careful forward planning, you can not only survive Christmas symptom-free, but actually enjoy it!

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