Boost your mood with probiotics this autumn!

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How are you feeling? As we descend into autumn and the days get a little shorter, it’s common to feel those summer-fuelled endorphins begin to wane. If you tend to suffer from low mood levels throughout the darker months, this time of year can be challenging, but thankfully there are plenty of simple, natural practices that can help keep your spirits up. From the way we breathe to the way we eat, and everything and everyone we engage with throughout the day can have a huge impact on our mood levels.

Probiotics in Autumn

Did you know that taking a daily probiotic supplement is one of the best ways to help raise your mood levels and support your wellbeing throughout autumn and winter?

You may have heard about the gut-brain axis which explores the connection between the gut and our emotions, and how our intestinal flora can influence our mood. Over the past decade or two, there has been an explosion of research in this field, with some interesting trials showing that the composition of our gut bacteria can impact our mood and wellbeing.

This is of great interest to me as a natural health practitioner as I am getting more and more enquiries from people who report not only digestive and gut health issues but also low mood, panic attacks, and anxiety. When I hear this, I always emphasise how a healthy gut and gut microbiome can positively impact our mood and wellbeing. When the gut is well balanced with the right strains of bacteria, they can help reduce inflammation, thus assisting the immune system in keeping homeostasis.

Specific probiotic strains have been researched for their effects in stress, anxiety and low mood including the lactobacillus species, which is in both of my Just For Tummies probiotic capsules (Live Bacteria and For Women), and appears to exert a positive influence on our mood. These strains of friendly bacteria are sometimes referred to as ‘psychobiotics’. You can read more about the research and the findings here.

People with mood swings, anxiety and moderate depression are often reluctant to seek medical help as they may be worried about taking medication. Findings suggest that probiotics could be used as an early intervention to help reduce the risk of people with mild to moderate depression developing a major depressive disorder, which is more debilitating and often difficult to treat.

Read how taking a probiotic supplement has helped both Sally’s gut health and her mood.

Probiotic Testimonial Sally

I was delighted to read Sally’s testimonial – not only have our probiotic capsules made a difference to her digestive and gut health, but her mood too. An added bonus for Sally.

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