Anyone for scones? Enjoy a healthier afternoon tea!

Afternoon Tea with Linda and Kevin

August is the month when we celebrate National Afternoon Tea Week – not that we need an excuse for this quintessential English tradition.

I think this Henry James quote sums it up perfectly:

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”

Traditional afternoon tea consists of a selection of dainty sandwiches (including, of course, thinly sliced cucumber sandwiches), scones served with clotted cream and preserves. Cakes and pastries are also served. Tea grown in India or Ceylon is poured from silver tea pots into delicate bone china cups.

Nowadays however, in the average suburban home, afternoon tea is likely to be just a mug of tea with a biscuit dunked in it! Sacrilege!

To experience the best of the afternoon tea tradition, indulge yourself with a trip to one of London’s finest hotels or visit a quaint tearoom in the countryside. The Devonshire Cream Tea is famous world wide and consists of scones, strawberry jam and the vital ingredient, Devon clotted cream, as well as cups of hot tea served in china teacups.

While mouthwateringly delicious, scones loaded with butter, jam and cream aren’t exactly tummy-friendly treats, which is why I came up with a healthier (but no less tasty) version with Just For Tummies nutritional therapist, Sophia Hill. You can find the recipe below and download it for free.

The recipe is for gluten-free scones, with chia jam and coconut whipped cream, but of course you can substitute the coconut cream with thick Cornish clotted cream if you’re are able to eat dairy products.

If you are avoiding caffeine, you can replace the traditional cup of loose-leaf black tea that’s drunk at afternoon tea for a cup of my hand-blended herbal Tummy Tea containing herbs and spices that help to calm down and soothe a bloated, irritated tummy. The ingredients are ginger root, liquorice root, fennel seed, aniseed, cardamom seed,, fenugreek seed and black peppercorns, in individual bio-degradable pyramids.

Tummy Tea

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