Another Just For Tummies success story!

Just For Tummies success story

There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing back from people I have given advice to, so when Anne got in touch to tell me how she was getting on with the supplements I had recommended, I was thrilled to hear just what a difference they had made to her life.

I would like to share her review as it’s a perfect illustration of how a natural supplementation protocol is often the answer to a whole host of digestive, gut and urinary issues. There are so many people on the ‘hamster wheel’ that Anne was on – back and forth to the GP, taking course after course of antibiotics, having tests and scans and getting nowhere, in fact going slowly downhill.

All too often, people think that primary and secondary care can provide all the answers to their health issues and, in many cases, they are right. However, once the NHS has carried out all tests to rule out anything sinister for the symptoms, doctors can find themselves at an impasse, with their only ‘solution’ to prescribe an ever-increasing list of drugs to manage the symptoms, driving the disease further into the body. There are alternatives, and Anne’s review speaks volumes.

“I just wanted to let you know how I have been getting on since I started using a variety of your supplements this past month. I have to say that the results are absolutely unbelievable – in just a matter of days I was feeling so much better.

Since menopause, I have struggled with many UTIs and the treatment from my GP was to take course after course of antibiotics, which has unfortunately caused so many gut issues (acid reflux, indigestion, bloating, trapped gas, stomach cramps). I had reached such a low point over the summer and didn’t know where to turn. After countless scans and tests, all my GP could say was that I was extremely gassy, with no recommendations of how I could start to get better.

By chance, I came across Linda and Just for Tummies and started to watch her videos and read many of her posts. I contacted her directly and explained all my issues. She replied quickly and I felt instantly reassured that she knew how to help, sharing her understanding of how my health had reached such a low point.

On Linda’s recommendation, I started a 5-day charcoal cleanse, as well as taking Live Bacteria capsules, Digestive Enzymes tablets and Omega 3 capsules. Within a couple of days, I started to feel so much better, I was totally blown away by the results. JUST WOW! I had been feeling so unwell and then just like that, I noticed a big difference! It was life-changing for me.

Linda has kindly reviewed my monthly regime and tweaked it for me for the coming month.* She has been so lovely and helpful. If I could give a 100-star review, I most certainly would.

Thank you Linda, so so much. 💗”

I would urge anyone reading this, if you are feeling unsure about getting in touch, just do it! I’m absolutely positive she will be able to help you.”

**The tweak to Anne’s protocol was to carry out another 5-day Charcoal cleanse in three months’ time, and if her symptoms continue to abate, to drop down to just one Live Bacteria capsule before breakfast and one Digestive Enzymes tablet before dinner, but if symptoms begin to build up again, to get back on the original protocol of one Live Bacteria capsule before breakfast and bed with a little water, one Digestive Enzymes tablet just before lunch and dinner, and a daily Omega 3 capsule with food.

Live Bacteria Success Story

I have to say that I am pretty staggered by how quickly the Just For Tummies supplements can sometimes work, literally in a matter of days, despite my 30+ years of experience as a natural health practitioner. As a rule, I like a person to take at least a 30-day course of the supplements before I re-assess.

I am not a fan of complicated supplement protocols. Life can be hard enough without having to think about taking a cocktail of supplements, some of which may not be necessary. They can be confusing, time-consuming and expensive!

I like to begin with the basics, and my protocols have stood the test of time, standing thousands of my clinic clients in good stead when I ran my natural health clinic, as well as helping improve the health and wellbeing of many thousands of Just For Tummies customers too.

Supplements Success Story

Anne was menopausal, and the change in hormones during menopause can certainly cause common digestive and gut issues like acid reflux, bloating, painful stomach cramps, not to mention an increased risk of UTIs. Because she’d had many UTIs, she’d also had her fair share of broad-spectrum antibiotics that would have decimated the levels of friendly bacteria in her stomach, gut, bladder and vagina, not to mention increase the risk of inflammation (gastritis) in her stomach. The solution – remove any irritants in the gut by carrying out the Charcoal ‘deep-clean’, repopulate the gut in the form of probiotics like our Live Bacteria capsules to help rebalance the gut microbiome and replace what is missing, in this case enzymes to help support proper digestion of food using our natural Digestive Enzymes tablets. Not forgetting to help repair the lining of the stomach and gut with a daily Omega-3 fish oil capsule. Voilà!

If you have any questions about a digestive and gut health issue or would like to know more about our supplements, please get in touch.