Amazing supplement success for 70-year-old Sarah!

There is a lot of talk these days about how to get rid of diseases naturally. For many people, this is an attractive option, as it allows them to take control of their own health and avoid the side effects of conventional medications. Diseases can be incredibly debilitating and life-altering, and while we are lucky to have access to some very effective, live-saving medication, I hear from so many people taking a cocktail of pills for their ailments, often not knowing how long they should be taking them, or whether they could actually manage without them.

Unless we are proactive in our desire to avoid taking a lot of prescribed medication, we can end up becoming (often unnecessarily) dependent on them, with the risk that we may end up in hospital due to the very medications we take! This is known as iatrogenic disease. Iatrogenic disease is the result of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures undertaken on a patient. With the multitude of drugs prescribed to a single patient, adverse drug reactions are bound to occur. The physician should take suitable steps to detect and manage them, but alas, this doesn’t always happen and puts the patient at risk. This study explains this in more detail.

It’s always highly satisfying when I hear from customers whose gut and digestive symptoms have eased or completely gone after starting on one of my natural supplement protocols, enabling them to stop taking either their PPIs, high-strength painkillers, antibiotics, or steroids.

Sarah’s story is a great example of this.

A few years ago, Sarah was rushed to hospital with very severe chest pain; investigations revealed that she had a hiatus hernia. She was prescribed PPIs which she took for a short period of time until the pain had settled. Not keen to be taking strong medication, Sarah weaned herself off the PPIs. When the nation went into lockdown during the pandemic, life became more stressful for Sarah, and she experienced a terrible flare-up of her symptoms. The pain prevented her from getting a good night’s sleep; she kept a food diary to try and keep track of any irritants, cutting out alcohol, caffeine, wheat, chocolate, and surviving on a highly restricted diet, afraid to eat and be subjected to more pain.

Desperate to find a solution, Sarah set about researching natural remedies and came across Just For Tummies. She contacted me and explained about her hiatus hernia and how her acid reflux and bloating symptoms had flared up and impacted her daily life so badly. I recommended she start by taking a daily Live Bacteria capsule and one Digestive Enzymes tablet before lunch and one before dinner. I was thrilled to hear back from Sarah a couple of weeks later, saying how in just 12 days her symptoms had gone! Now she is sleeping well, no longer needing to get up in the night, her energy levels are back to where they were, and she is eating anything she wants (and even enjoying a glass of red wine when she fancies one!) What a wonderful outcome for Sarah.

Our body needs a diverse population of beneficial bacteria to thrive and the best way to support this is with a diverse diet. Different bacteria species feed off different nutrients and so eating a variety of foods will allow multiple species to get what they need from your diet. However, I also recommended that Sarah take one of our Live Bacteria probiotic capsules daily to top up her levels of friendly bacteria and support her immune system, making her more resilient to infections. I recommended that she take one of our natural, plant-based Digestive Enzymes tablets just before lunch and one just before dinner to help further digest her food, absorb more nutrients and effectively eliminate wastes. We have many testimonials from customers who take our Digestive Enzymes and no longer get uncomfortable gassy bloating, especially after food. As we age, not only can our gut bacteria become depleted, but so can our digestive ‘juices’, especially stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes, and bile. It’s wonderful that we can turn to natural supplements to help support the digestive system.

We often get stuck eating the same foods over and over, whether that is because it’s easy, because we aren’t feeling particularly food adventurous or certain foods cause digestive and gut flare-ups and we want to avoid these. This can make for a very restrictive diet though and that can cause further health issues due to lack of nutrients, which can affect energy levels and mood. Sarah is now able to eat a more varied diet again due to taking our supplements and this will improve her health and wellbeing immensely.

On the occasions when she feels as though she may have overindulged or needs a little extra gut support, Sarah takes my Garlic tablets, activated Charcoal capsules and Milk Thistle tablets as needed.

Sarah won’t mind me telling you that she is 70 years old, and she takes no medications of any kind; just my supplements. A real inspiration.

Let me share the lovely review that Sarah left:

If you are taking a number of medications, and have been doing so for a while, then book yourself in for a review with your GP and ask questions such as:

  • Should I continue to take medication that doesn’t seem to be helping me?
  • Should the dosage be adjusted?
  • Am I following the instructions correctly?
  • Could a new symptom be related to medication I am taking?
  • Do the benefits outweigh the risks for a particular medication?
  • Could one medication help with two conditions?

If you have any questions about a digestive and gut issue, please get in touch.