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I have some very exciting news!  I have just launched my Just For Tummies Affiliate Programme, and I am now looking for Affiliates to join me.

Since setting up Just For Tummies in 2015, I have grown a business that is thriving, kind at heart, and committed to the health and wellbeing of our customers.

Just For Tummies is a unique company, and I would like to work with Affiliates who share the passion and values that underpin the way we operate.  I would like to share these principles so that you understand who I am, and why I run Just For Tummies the way I do.

  • Our Just For Tummies range of digestive health supplements has been developed by me, Linda Booth, a leading expert in natural solutions to resolving digestive and gut health problems, and a complementary health practitioner with 26 years of experience
  • The interests of our customers are the driving force of all our actions – I strive to meet and exceed their expectations; I treat them as if they are customers for life
  • We supply beautifully packaged, high quality products made in the UK – our range of digestive health supplements are gluten- and dairy-free, and contain no artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals.
  • I take enormous pride in empowering people with the knowledge and tools needed to support their overall health and wellbeing
  • I deliver outstanding customer service that goes the extra mile through sharing wisdom that provides a holistic understanding of illness, health and care – encompassing mind, body and soul

The Just For Tummies customer community includes health conscious people who prefer natural and sustainable products.  Customer feedback is a fundamental component of our research and development as we continually seek ways to improve.  I have a large collection of testimonials which reveal how the Just For Tummies products have changed the lives of people who have been struggling with digestive and gut health issues, and inspired me to keep doing what I’m doing!  Do get in touch if you would like to hear more.

At Just For Tummies, our success is defined by what we give, not what we gain.

As a Just For Tummies Affiliate, all you need to do is add the Affiliate link to your website, blog or social media page to start earning money.  For more details about the Affiliate Programme, and how you can be part of our community, helping us in our quest to spread the word about natural solutions to many common digestive and gut disorders, please contact a member of the Tummy Team at:

We look forward to hearing from you

Linda x


Just For Tummies

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