Acid reflux fixed!

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We all get a bit of heartburn from time to time, particularly if we’ve overindulged, but I am hearing from more and more people who are struggling with acid reflux symptoms on a daily basis, impacting their quality of life, and having to take strong proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) to manage their discomfort. In this Testimonial Tuesday video, I talk more about the common causes of acid reflux, which include antibiotic use, eating in a rush or in a heightened state of stress, ageing, and menopause, among others.

I also share a review from Victoria who was taking the PPI, lansoprazole for her acid reflux, but then started to struggle with symptoms and was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and told to ‘just live with it’ which left her feeling very let down when she contacted me.

After finding out more about Victoria’s symptoms and medical history, I recommended a 5-day Charcoal cleanse followed by the supplements in our Perfect Balance Kit. When she got back to me, I was delighted to hear that her symptoms had all but disappeared!

Here’s her wonderful review in full:

“I have suffered with acid reflux for years and had it all under control with lansoprazole until about a year ago when I started suffering with really bad stomach cramps after eating, bloating, smelly embarrassing wind, a feeling of fullness in my upper abdomen and awful back pains. After an endoscopy, abdominal ultrasound, and a private CT scan to look at my pancreas the doctors came to the conclusion that I have a hiatus hernia and basically have to just live with it unless I want to have surgery which is not always successful. I was left feeling let down and miserable. The constant pain every day was really dragging me down.

Someone from a support group recommended Just for Tummies. I had a look, read all of the fantastic reviews and decided to send an email directly for advice. Linda replied to me within 24 hours with lots of questions to get a better idea of my problem. I finally felt listened to. Linda advised I carry out the 5-day Charcoal cleanse then move on to the supplements in the Perfect Balance Kit. I have just finished the course and I have to say it has been life-changing! I can finally live a more normal life, mostly pain-free. The bloating has completely gone and my stools are a lot more normal. The fullness has gone and the back pain has eased so much. Linda was available every step of the way and also gave me advice on what I will need to take in the future to keep symptoms at bay. I can’t recommend this company enough and I can’t thank Linda enough. Thank you for saving my life!”

Not only is this a fantastic outcome for Victoria, but I hope that it gives hope to any of you who may also struggle with acid reflux. There are natural remedies or ways of managing your acid reflux symptoms, and you should never settle for being told you just have to ‘live with it’.

If you would like to know more about a tailored supplement protocol or have a question about a digestive and gut health issue, please get in touch.