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Linda developed this range of supplements based on her 30+ years’ experience running a busy natural health clinic alongside her physiotherapist husband Kevin, and having carried out over 100,000 consultations and treatments, specialising in solutions to resolve common digestive and gut disorders.

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What people say about us

Less bloated

"Just a brilliant product! I followed the 5-day Charcoal cleanse and feel so much better – I am less bloated, I have lost weight and feel much more comfortable. I wish I had found these capsules years ago. Linda offers very personalised advice too; she’s a real lifesaver! Thank you."Claire (Website Review)

Symptoms dramatically improved

"Since going through the menopause four years ago, I have started to develop different digestive health issues, such as constipation, bloating and lots of excess gas. After trying the 30 Perfect Balance Kit, I am delighted to say that my symptoms have dramatically improved. After just three weeks of using the supplements in the kit, I started to have a bowel movement every day (previously unheard of for me) and I can now eat a meal without feeling bloated afterwards.. Thank you very much for developing such amazing products!"Helen (Website Review)

Since trying these, I've never looked back

"I’ve been taking Live Bacteria and Digestive Enzymes from Linda daily for nearly two years. I’ve suffered all my adult life with IBS and I’m now 63. Since taking Linda’s products, I’ve never looked back. I’m not bloated, no trapped wind. I feel sooooo much better in myself and my clothes. I would highly recommend Linda. She has so much knowledge, and her products are the best on the market. Trust me, I’ve tried everything."Martine (Facebook Review)

I've not had a single infection

"I’ve been taking the For Women capsules for a few years now. I suffered for years with chronic reoccurring water infections being a type 1 diabetic. I tried everything, antibiotics, creams, gels, natural remedies, but they always came back. Since taking For Women capsules, I’ve not had a single infection! No symptoms, no issues. They’ve also helped me so much with bloating! I never realised how badly water infections affected me and my life, in so many different ways, until Just For Tummies literally changed my life!! Thank you so much Linda for all of your help & advice!"Rebekka (Facebook Review)

I 100% recommend this product when over-indulging

"I recently purchased Milk Thistle tablets to take for my bachelorette party weekend. I 100% recommended this product when you know you will be over-indulging. I felt great all weekend and was even able to work out 2 out of 3 mornings of my trip! I will be taking this product for my wedding and honeymoon in September. I also plan to send my fiancé with some for his bachelor party at the end of the month. This product is a must have. Thank you Linda!!"Michelle (Google Review)

The enjoyment of running has returned

"I previously suffered from regular reflux when running and have tried numerous tablets from both the GP and health shops, as well as diet changes but to no avail. I even had an endoscopy due to my symptoms (which was normal). I sent a message to Linda asking for advice about what products I should try. I have waited nearly 3 months to leave a review just to make sure they are really working, and they are! I am now taking a daily live bacteria and digestive enzyme and I have had no reflux since I started! The enjoyment of running has returned, and I just wish I knew about these tablets years ago"Leah (Google Review)

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